Hermes as one of the best and  top-level luxury brands in the world is well known by worldwide people .But unfortunately, except the real and professional fashionistas ,ordinary people don’t have better  chances , willingness or interests to look into the stories behind this brand  . I  think most of them are just know it is a  luxury brand and very famous on earth. Well ,here i am ! Now i will tell you guys the story behind HERMES as much as i know.

OK, let’s get down to business!

Founder : Thierry HERMES

Designers : Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMES , Martin Margiela

Cradle : France

Year Established : 1920s

Product Line : Menswear , Women’s dress , Sunglasses , Perfume , Jewelry ,                             Cosmetics

Brand Story : As a protestant family ,in order to eluded persecution from religion they all moved to Crefeld of Germany . In the year of 27 years old , Therry Hermes went to Paris  to earn a living , and finally he opened his first saddlery shop at the bustling district Madeleine . The Kelly Bag which was named by the famous princess of Monaco ,”sac a Depenches”briefcase, “ChainedAncre”anchor bracelet and Ms riding suit were all excellent masterpieces designed and produced by Hermes . After the  Second World War , Hermes’ brand was famous for the orange box , silk ribbon and carriage sign .

1, Carriage Sign : It was a traditional symbol  of long history and exquisite quality since Hermes began to run saddlery shop .

2,” H” Font : Hermes wasn’t implicit  any more as before compared with current exaggerated brand LOGOs .That’s why we could  always see ‘H’ font on the products in recent twenty years .

3, HERMES Signature : we can see it on leather goods and metal accessories of Hermes , and there is always  a line of letters “PARIS” signed under it .

Thank you so much for reading ! If you know more about Hermes ,welcome to leave comments to tell me ! Thanks again !

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