For me , bag is a commodity that not only belongs to  consumables but also never buy enough . If you want to buy a classic and good quality bag , Gucci will be a better chocie . Gucci comes from Italy where is specialize in leather products and every bag is produced in good quality and each one is a boutique . If you choose the right one which is fit for your style and color , you are able to carry it for a long time. May be the price is a little high , but   really deserve it !

The style of Gucci is featuring luxurious , sexy ,  pretentious and a sense of rock . But even so , Gucci is versatile and classic and makes you outstanding in different occasions .

Which one is the best of Gucci ?

In my opinion ,each one is pretty and the key is not just to see this  bag in good looking but  to see in different occasions carrying suitable bags and how to match this bag. If you match the inappropriate clothes even though this bag is quite pretty , but it wiil  destory  the  sense of whole beauty and coordination .In addition , there is no stardard to judge a bag is pretty or not ,it just vary with each individual , and as you like it everything is ok . But if  possible , i recommend you buy classic and calm colored bags that they will never outdated and on the premise of no damage , they will be uesd in maximum .

Gucci’s brand logo

The design of Gucci’s brand logo is noble and luxurious  like its products . The golden color and design form are represent the temperament of enterprise perfectly .Although such a luxury is a dream for everyone and not everybody  can afford it , a good impression has been made in people’s minds . Gucci’s brand logo is  integral and harmonious and the pattern belowed reflects the  kernel of whole design. A good logo design can push a business to a higher degree and so does Gucci . Gucci  has reached a degree that everyone wants to close to . Thanks to the sense of luxuriant design makes the the brand  logo of Gucci more outstanding among numerous famous luxury brand logo designs and meanwhile, it also adds great momentum to enterprise .

Guys ,what do you think of  Gucci ? Welcome to leave comments for me !


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