Prada-Spring/Summer 2018 Black Nylon

The cornerstone of Prada has its inheritance meaning and spiritual connotation. Black nylon is a luxury redefinition of industrial fabrics, and is  the inspiration of The Prada2018 spring/summer collection and the latest PRADA365 advertising blockbuster”black nylon” .

Meaningful, practical and highly appreciated, nylon is the avant-garde interpretation of what is contemporary elegance, which has laid the basic concept of Prada. Inspired by military uniform and industrial clothing, this fabric transcends the traditional  boundaries of magnificence, subverting the so-called refined elegance and bringing forward new thinking. For the boutique world, nylon is provocative, modern and full of possibilities.This new classic is also the basis of all Prada.

Prada, the use of nylon is one of the two sides intrinsic paradox, which affects the aesthetic image of Willy Vanderperre, and promotes him to further explore its practicability and spiritual connotation by using the accessories and clothing of this high fabric. The fabric’s elastic advantage is reflected by powerful women -the new and old face makes up such a fearless and unexpected lineup. Shot in Losangeles, wandering freely in the sunset and reinforced concrete forest. Prada, the everlasting design that gives people a different living visage, is quietly telling stories by the changing scenes.

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