Luxury, Do You Really Understand? ( Part One )

Luxury is the crystallization of spirit and wisdom.

From the birth of fashion, luxury and fashion are like a pair of twins and are known together. As time goes on, it is not difficult to find that the luxury industry is progressed along with the change of the times. Designs used to be considered very fashionable in the past are now an eyesore. Therefore, luxury does not stack up with a pile of expensive materials. Every work is the designer’s spirit, taste and wisdom. And the craftsmen’spainstaking effort and perseverance are combined with the works of art. If children are the crystallization of their parents’ love, then every successful luxury that goes into public view is the crystallization of the spirit of designers and craftsmen.

This is the luxury, the spiritual crystallization that will grow with  the age and human beings.


Luxury is not the “youth” that will grow old with time

If the ever-evolving luxury is the way to decode the demands of the times, then the perpetual vigor and youth is the luxury mentality. Luxury, regardless of age, no matter which age stage you are at, there is the right to enjoy the spiritual pleasure of luxury, as long as there is a pursuit of individuality, pursuit of the times, appreciation of art and the heart of loving beautiful things.


Luxury has high standards of demand

Luxury is harsh, and there is no tolerance in its works of art.No matter what kind of defect, will make this work hard to get the attention of the world. It will soon be forgotten by fashion and luxury industry, leaving only once. It is said that the high standards of luxury cover five dimensions:

Meaning: the object of the design, the goal that you want to achieve, the meaning that you want to express.

Technology: the use of which technologies, lost or the unique ‘right time’ collide with ‘right people ‘.

Craftsmanship: ingenious creation,deep concentration, each craftsman’s special control over time, temperature, as well as their unspeakable heart.

Material: the exclusive standard of material selection, the substitutability of materials, the selection of thousands of products.

Guardian: make sure that every luxury can perfectly display the originality of design, and it is also a rule.

Luxury represents value and principle

Luxury is itself a symbol, a label, and an embodiment of identity.

Luxury brand values is very important, it can become a hint in people’s mind, at important occasions improving the owner’s confidence, it can also become people’s motivation, encourage people to pursue a better life, become a more tasteful, meaning person.

For the owner of luxury goods, he needs the quality, bachelor, insight and character of the standard of luxury goods.

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