Luxury, Do You Really Understand? ( Part Two )

Luxury represents personality and personal image

Each of the different designers, according to the different ideas and inspiration to design a unique luxury, of course, also have their own “character”.

For a luxury user, it represents an individual’s identity to a group.


Luxury respect tradition

Tradition is the legacy of a thousand years, and the luxury is unremitting pursuit of fashion, while also paying attention to the respect and reservation of traditional culture. In the future, the more luxury, the more respect the tradition.

Through new technologies, new materials and techniques to restore cultural treasures, art and rare technologies in the historical tradition, it is a luxury development path in line with the needs of the human mind in the future.

Luxury is a unique, tailored experience

No matter what era, people prefer to make their own customized and unique luxury .Everyone is not only in pursuit of excellence, but also unique.

Because everyone is unique.

So, no matter in any time, the order is never out of date.

Luxury represents people’s concern for high quality  life

The luxury itself, in different times, represents the highest standard of life-style, the highest standard and the highest quality in a single space and time.

Since the word luxury was born, it has represented a high quality of living.  Only those with a higher standard of living can have time, spare capacity on luxury consumption. Similarly, only those with higher living standards can get in touch with and understand what luxury is, and indulge in it.

Luxury cannot be measured in fixed rules

Luxury can never be measured by the same set of rules .Limiting his rankings, institutions and standards will be broken and reshaped over and over again.

The standards of the past will lose the standard scale with the progress of science and technology.
In a more and more personalized age, good stuff is itself a standard.

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