Bombshell-Chanel Price Increase 2018

Chanel bag prices continue to rise.  The Gabrielle and Coco Handle just got more expensive, and the Boy is expected to follow.  You will shell out between $300 to $500 more for each Gabrielle. If that’s not bad enough, brace yourself because the Coco handle just went up $700.

Back in November 2017,  prices on all CC and 2.55 iconic flap bags rose between 6.5 and 10 percent.  That was the first hike in three years.  Beginning in December 2017 and continuing this month, prices on WOCs sneaked up a whopping 20 percent.

Now, it’s Gabrielle’s turn: the prices of all sizes and styles soared between 10 and 20 percent.

Chanel’s pricing strategy is curious on several levels.

First, and most obvious, Chanel is becoming really expensive for non-exotic, non-exceptional pieces. If you consider the CC and 2.55 flaps, Boys and now Gabrielle mainstay Chanel bag lines, buying into the Chanel bag mode requires at least $3500. The Coco Handle, thought to be a less expensive version of a classic, is well over $4000.

Expensive is often a euphemism for exclusive.  After all, how many can really afford it.  Could this be a move away from accessibility?

Second, piecemeal increases – one model at a time – could drive demand for that short period before the increase.  We suppose there could be excess inventory to unload before the new season.  Or a need to cash-out.

Third, We assume Chanel is linking pricing to demand and popularity.

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