All the WOC Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask

WOC: three of my favorite letters. If you haven’t heard of WOCs before, let’s refresh. The WOC is the Wallet on Chain, aka one of the most beloved styles here in the handbag universe. Whether we call them bags or accessories, WOCs are undeniably elegant, versatile, and perfectly representative of mini mania. In fact, there’s a special craze just for WOCs themselves.

But just because they’re ever-so-popular, does that mean they’re perfect for you? Is it the right time to add a WOC (or another WOC) to your collection? Would a WOC satisfy your handbag desires?

“Is the WOC actually the perfect starter bag?”

First, if owning a bag from one of the most exclusive brands, like Chanel, is important to you, a WOC may be the way to go. WOCs are solid entry-level bags to such brands.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the WOC. While WOCs may be elegant and timeless, they are in fact quite small. Do you want to tote around your starter bag for everyday errands, carry it to work or take it on a night on the town? What time of day is it most important for you to have a luxury bag?

“Are WOCs practical?”

Yes. But as true mini bags, WOCs are, well, mini. If you often don’t take much with you, you’re good to go. Some lipstick, keys, phone, cash? Perfect. Additionally, as you might expect from a wallet, the interior compartments of WOCs generally have credit card slots and change compartments. So if organization is your thing, you’re in luck, and you can forget about the makeup bag and additional wallet.

That said, we can’t overemphasize the size issue. It really depends on how minimalist you are. If having more possessions with you on a regular basis is important to you, a WOC may not be as practical as a larger crossbody. On the other hand, a WOC could inspire you to pare down.

“Are WOCs useful for travel?”

A phone, cards and some cash are really all we need when setting out to explore a foreign city for the day. A WOC couldn’t be more perfect: it’s slim instead of bulky, light and adds a touch of fashionista glamor to an easy travel outfit.

Are you feeling the WOC fever? Or do you find WOCs too small for you liking? Are there any questions we missed? Welcome to leave comments to me!Thanks for reading!

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