Crazy About YSL-Its Bag Is Sexier

When it comes to YSL, the first reaction of a girl must be lipstick.

But as the international status of YSL continues to rise, in addition to fascinating attention in cosmetics, the design on the bag is more attractive.

In fact, the design of Saint Laurent is very popular with high-end people. Besides the brand effect, it more lies in the continuously improve on quality and design.

First of all, let’s  appreciate the classic and is also the best selling bag-Kate, the design uses the envelope modeling, simple and direct.

In the later stage, besides adding the splicing design, there is some applique design. For what?Maybe for a better look…

Speaking of tassel, i think every star would own at least one. There is no inconvience to carry it when travel or street snap, on the contrary, carrying it to take photoes at any time are scenery.  The metallic tassel design brings more lively feelings for the whole body, regardless of age, every girl is a  little princess!

Lou Camera Bag series, although small, but the unique tassel brings more sense of liveliness.

The design that looks soft adds a touch of softness to the cold and elegant Saint Laurent, which is perfect for the winter that is not yet past.

Although there is a bit of strong feeling in the shape of Gollege, there is no burden carrying it.  If you like big bags and don’t want to be looked heavy, then it is the best choice.

YSL bag can always bring a bit surprise to the ordinary life, which may be its charm. In the New Year, would you like to have a saint Laurent to add color to your life?

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