There Is A Love Called- Givenchy

Maybe a lot of people haven’t heard of Hubert DE GIVENCHY, but they’ve certainly heard of the brand-GIVENCHY. Givenchy is a fashion icon, dedicated to boutique men’s and women wear, as well as perfume, skin care and make-up, and he is the epitome of elegance. And the man who built the everpopular brand in the fashion world is Hubert, a man who is considered never to be rejected by women.

Givenchy has long been a popular French brand.However, the founder of Givenchy, a famous French fashion designer, Mr Hubert DE GIVENCHY died in his sleep on March 10, aged 91.

For many people, the brand givenchy is often heard, but who is Givenchy we know little about him.

The founder of Hubert DE GIVENCHY was born  on February 20, 1927, in Oise, France, was 198cm tall and quite handsome.

You may be obsessed with givenchy steiger, but not necessarily know that he is inspired by the “most beautiful woman ever” – Audrey Hepburn.

A lot of people are lamenting that they are finally reunited in heaven.

However, givenchy did not give him too much utilitarian meaning for his role.“What I’ve done is one of the most moving jobs in the fashion industry: to make others happy with one inspiration.”

As for him, he has always maintained the style of an elegant gentleman — he was 198cm tall, he was young and graceful, and he wore a suit and tie when he was old, even with two crutches.

The old man who made the happy for girls left.

Nowadays, many people talk about givenchy, and unconsciously think of lipstick first.

About Givenchy himself, there is much worth learning.

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