This Bag Is Deserve To Be Hot !

Hello, ladies! Today I smell fashion again, found this new season’s hottest IT BAG. Bloggers and trendsetters carreied it to any occation,  did street shots everywhere.


It is GATE bag from Loewe!


Yuan Quan, a Chinese movie star, her shape is always clean and simple. The cool and calm temperament perfectly matches with understated luxury style of Loewe. And a lot of men have bought this bag of big size.

loewe                    IMG_0602


The name is really a bit strange, there is a brass sheath with the same shape as the bullet’s head on the side of bag, which is one  of the inspiration for this bag. It has no zipper, no metal clasp,
because it doesn’t need any hardware accessories to embellish.


The biggest bright spot of GATE Bag is the knot design, the cover is inserted into the knot which is very useful. There is a perfect fashionable proportion of drooping two leather knots, which let the bag seems to be a primitive sense of literary and artistic Retro.


The capacity of GATE BAG can be said to be particularly practical, and even if it is filled with necessities, it also looks small and delicate.


There are two layers, which can be filled with a lot of things. The capacity is very humanized, and the self-weight of the bag is relatively light, undoubtedly, the usage rate is very high.


There is also a layer, which can be used for daily necessities, cards, which is so sweet.


Well , guys ! What do you think of ? Will you decide to buy one for yourself? Thanks for reading! If you are interested, welcome to contact with me !


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