The Wallets Which Can Make You More Delicate And Fashionable (ONE)

It is probably because the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the chances of carrying little wallet is also becoming more and more. Delicate girls are thinking about buying a new short wallet, besides light and easy to tidy up, it’s quite appropriate to put in a small bag to take out or directly in the pocket.


Today, I would like to recommend some nice and practical short ones. These short wallets may not be able to support a lot of money, but they must be a highlight of your bags.



I like this wallet that the color is blue and white gradually, which is small and low-key but also cool and high sense. The one who likes the double C logo of Chanel and classic quilting can never miss it, all these classic elements are available on the bag.


And on the chain fastener of zipper, it also has water droplet decoration, the white double C logo is gleaming, which is so so unique and exquisite.



I have to say, I really like this lemon green wallet,  fresh color with vintage closure design,  I want to have it at a glance.


This color looks very lively, like the sprout just out of the bud i spring, which can make people feel better. The internal structure is also very comfortable, with layers and  8 card slots, definitely practical.



The design of Fendi wallet has always been playful, such as the design of small monsters and building blocks, which is so cute that people wonder if they can handle it!However, there are also elegant and concise design of the wallet, that is the F IS FENDI series.


The front of the bag is the latest F logo design, looks much younger than the traditional double F logo.


Designers don’t have to do anything else, and it’s nice to put the logo on your wallet! With this little detail, looking superior than the pure color, I really want it!

The same style also has relaxed light blue and gray green, the colors with sense of spring and high class, also quite delightful to the eye. Girls who like simple styles can consider this wallet.


Thanks for reading! If there is any one you like, please feel free to contact me.


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