The Wallets Which Can Make You More Delicate And Fashionable (TWO)

Well ,let’s continue!


The new wallet I’ve been fascinated with recently is very much fit for my desire to be cute and easy to tidy.


The design of this wallet is very simple. It changes the wrinkle design of MIUMIU used in the past, the design of  clean and neat leather with logo printing is not eye-catching, but enough classic.


What makes me more interested is that it is really thin, with little pockets and a lot of card slots, and there is no pressure to put it into your little bag.


Dior Dioraddict

Dior’s quilting is a very recognizable design,  the wallet of this series, with metal lock element, which maks the whole feeling the whole feeling is both soft and cool.


This pink wallet is perfect for spring and summer. It’s really beautiful. Also very delicate and small, the thickness is completely unexpected thin, easy to put in the small bag, very convenient.



 Saint Laurent Wattle

The color of this red wallet is very positive and I was amazed at the first sight!Feel it.


Internally, the inner layer is both practical and full of design, I like the pointy envelope shape closure.


Each color of this wallet is really beautiful, red sexy, black classic, and this light pink, full senses of young.


All right, after seeing so many brands, I believe there must be something you like. The small stuff of wallet, although not always present in front of people, but I think the small items in the bag can highlight your attitude towards life.

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