A new bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection, if you have some spare budget left, then perhaps you want to add this Louis Vuitton Drink-It Bag to your wardrobe.

When I spotted this bag, I was like: ‘let me zoom-in to check whether the straw can really be used for drinking’ (lol).

The Drink-It Bag is a statement: anything can be turned into fashion. This innovative soda can is a futuristic piece, but what do you think?

We can buy a Cola Can and turn it into a clutch bag with strap as well, but this Drink-It Bag is more sophisticated than we can imagine. It’s actually crafted with the house’s high level craftsmanship featuring polished metal hardware and luxurious leather trimmings.

The print on the can is well-thought out and it’s a work of art full of details. The front also features S-lock Clasp and it can be opened for storage.

The cord strap is also a luxury piece as it’s made from calf leather. And there is more; the decoration on the can is formed with shimmering Swarovski crystals.

Isn’t this love?

So what do you think? Carrying a can in special occasions can definitely be used as a great conversation opener.

The bag opens with an S-Lock Clasp, there is a small interior built inside. Measuring 3.1’ x 5.5’ x 2.3’ (L x H x W) inches.

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