First the medium-sized bags were popular, then the small bags and since 2009 we are seeing a trend that big bags have become the new thing in fashion.

So what did Celine do? They created a XL-sized tote bag; it’s big enough to fill all your needs and obsession. This bag is called the Celine Big Bag and it’s introduced for the Winter 2017 Collection.

The Design

The name says it all; it’s a Big Bag. But besides the size, let’s take a closer look at the shape and design of this bag. The shape reminds us of the famous Phantom Bag or the Luggage Phantom Bag. No, it’s even better because the side wings is bigger and more slouchy and flexible. You have to love that!

The Big Bag is made in solid color and as minimal as possible. It’s crafted from soft bare calfskin, which is very smooth but durable too. The top comes with a small flap and it’s supported with a functional leather belt. You have to use the leather belt to close the bag.

Tote this extra large companion in a big city or use it as a weekend bag. It can be carried as a workbag too if you’ve too much to carry. For the woman with a busy lifestyle, this bag is like a dream come true. Or if you have a baby or kids and need to carry for more than one person, then this is also a great useful handbag.

The size of this bag is not only for storing your stuff, but it’s an automatic-flaunting-system as well. Imagine carrying such a big bag in town, you will get instant-noticed.

The Interior

The inside of the Big Bag comes with one large compartment to store everything you need. But you can also find a zipped pocket. The interior lining is suede calfskin.

More Colors And Styles

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Because its ‘mini’, we needed chat about this bag separately. It’s just too cute and we all love small bags.

Hold a deep breathe, Nicolas Ghesquiere gave a surprising twist to the backpack. He turned the utilitarian staple into this trendy and oh-so-covetable city bag.

Oh gosh, where do we start?

Embellished with the iconic Monogram Canvas, the backpack is luxurious, feminine and adorable. Even when you hate backpacks (in general), you will still love to carry this one on your back.

It features a front pocket that can be opened with a zip. It’s crafted from soft calfskin to keep it durable but still smooth. Inside comes with a flat pocket.

Let’s check the 2 adjustable padded shoulder bag, this is something unique that you cannot find in ordinary backpack. The strap is a multi-positional strap for cross-body wear, can you imagine that? How cool huh!

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I have something that will create glitter in your eyes. And it’s great news if you’ve been seeking for your favorite shoulder bag but can’t find the one that suits your personality.

Meet the Louis Vuitton Pasadena Bag.

The bag that brings a touch of sweet sophistication to styles from chic to preppy. The Louis Vuitton Pasadena Bag is your companion in all occasions – use it as an everyday bag. Carry it to work, the weekends, when you go shopping or even to the chic evenings. It will certainly not be disappointing.

You see, the Pasadena Bag is covered with Monogram Vernis – Monogram is Louis Vuitton’s most famous print and has proven to be timeless. The Vernis is another beautiful cover that gives your bag a touch of chicness and freshness.

Embossed with calf patent leather, refined with a signature LV twist lock, it’s a charming bag indeed.

The interior features a LV metallic plaque, it’s detailed with gold or silver metallic pieces. The inside also comes with double smartphone pocket.

You can wear the bag in two ways; for the hand-carry options grab the flap-top handle. Or carry it around your shoulder or on your shoulder with the removable leather strap.

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Here you’ve Louis Vuitton two-bag-in-one and these kinds of handbags are becoming a trend now. Besides that is adorned with the iconic Damier Azur Print, the bag also comes with an interior zipped pocket.

The effortlessly chic Girolata Bag is versatility incarnate, you see with the drawstring open, it can be carried as a large casual tote. And when the drawstring is closed, it’s an on-trend bucket bag.

Even if this is just a gift for your BBF or your mother, it will be the best gift ever.

Besides the look, it comes with a removable shoulder strap in natural cowhide leather. The interior is enriched with an inside leather closing patch and interior zipped pocket. Refined with golden hardware, measuring44x27x12cm. More details are availiable at the bestabag.com.

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A new Louis Vuitton leather creation inspired by the trunk bag, this is the Victoire Bag which looks elegant, classy and regal all rolled into one. For those who would like to sport a classy vintage look, then the Victoire Bag is just perfect to complement your glam retro look.

A new day-to-evening bag made from Monogram canvas paired with calfskin, this is a statement piece that is truly unique of Louis Vuitton. The clasp and sliding chain in glimmering metal reinterpret the classic House designs in a stylish modern mode.

Made from Monogram coated canvas with colorful calfskin, with microfiber lining, gold-colour metallic pieces, long sliding chain, and clasp closure, one would definitely feel like a million dollar worth by carrying this bag over your shoulders.

For compartments concern, this bag has a front pocket and a central zipped compartment to organize your essentials. Measuring 27 x 20x 10 (L x H x W) cm,  and more details are availiable at the bestabag.com.

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When you hear about the word Luna, you somehow associate it with the beautiful moon shining over the earth. And owning this Luna Bag from Louis Vuitton on the other hand will make you feel like you’ve been to the moon and back because this is such a gorgeous leather creation.

First things first, this Louis Vuitton gem of a bag is an indispensable shoulder flap bag that looks good over your casual jeans and shirt combination because it adds a touch of femininity to it.

Now on we go with the essential bag details. A beautiful play between the textured Epi leather flap and smooth cowhide leather body resulted to the creation of the lovely Luna Bag. It has a smooth cowhide leather and sheepskin trim and is accented with silver-coloured metallic pieces.

The chain handle covered in tone-on-tone sheepskin is also another lovely addition to this beautiful charmer! It also features a removable long shoulder or cross body strap which defines luxurious multi-functionality. Its magnetic closure on the other hand provides easy access to it.

Looking inside, this bag has an outside back pocket and an inside double smartphone pocket. Measuring 26 x 20 x 9 (L x H x W) cm.

And oh, we almost forgot to mention that it comes in four different colors: Hot Pink, Rose Ballerine,Red and Black (and more colors are available at the bestabag.com.)

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Imagine walking down the street like any pretty woman and then arriving at the office being on point from head-to-toe such a beautiful way to start your morning right, isn’t it? Well, all of that is possible thanks to the Louis Vuitton Cluny Bag in Monogram Canvas.

A new style staple that needs to be in your wardrobe ASAP, the Cluny Bag in Monogram Canvas is ethereal and dreamy like perfect for women who knows the true caliber of fashion. With its structured silhouette that lends it a timeless appeal and the lively and bright fuchsia pink and red colored strap, you’ll absolutely look like you know fashion.

Now let’s go on the tiny teeny details about this go-getter. It’s crafted golden color metallic pieces that go well with the Monogram canvas, a front flap with magnetic closure for easy access. And mind you, you can wear and carry this bag in different ways! The top handle is perfect for hand or elbow carry while the removable shoulder strap is a good over-the-shoulder option.

Looking inside, it features a zipped inside pocket and a double smartphone inside pocket for organization. The Louis Vuitton Cluny Monogram Canvas in BB size measures 28x20x10cm, and about the price please check out withbestabag.com.

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onogram Canvas never gets old, this print has gone through many recessions and depressions – it’s time-tested. So please meet the new Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag.

This is a beautiful bag for the busy woman. You see, it’s purposely designed like a workbag – featuring chic handle and cross-body strap that can be adjusted or removed.

The elegance is personified in the petite shape. It’s compact dimensions open up to reveal many useful pockets and compartment, that’s where the secret is.

Open the bag with the golden Louis Vuitton Trunk-Inspired Clasp, inside you will find 3 large interior compartments. These compartments are made with the thought of simplicity, so that you can find whatever you need instantly.

Surprisingly, there is also a zipped backpocket. Put your instant-essentials in there, so you can grab it within seconds.

And one more thing, take a good look at the shape. Isn’t beautiful?

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Louis Vuitton never fails to impress with its one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. The trendy Reversed Monogram Pochette Metis Bag is of no exception. Inspired by Nicolas Ghesquiere’s work, this bag is a definite must-have thanks to its beautiful shape and design. We’ve already spotted the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag in Monogram Infrarouge as well as in the iconic Monogram Canvas.

Made from the newest Monogram Reverse coated canvas, this Louis Vuitton bag is perfect for everyday wear. It has an adjustable and removable cross-body strap which makes it a lot easier to use. If you want to carry it by hand you can also do so as it has an elegant handle.

It also has 1 exterior zipped pocket and 3 interior compartments for easy organization.More details please check out with bestabag.com.

So if you could choose between the Monogram Canvas or the Reversed Monogram, which one would that be?

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Beautiful things come with a twist! The Louis Vuitton Twist Bag with Monogram Lock is one good example. For this season, Louis Vuitton reinterpreted the classic Twist Bag in elegant smooth patent calfskin fused with graphic & hypnotic Monogram colors.

Bold and fashion-forward, this beauty of a bag right here is the perfect day-to-evening companion with its beautiful interplay of colors. The latest take on the Twist Bag features a Monogram-coated Louis Vuitton lock and shoulder pad. The silver color metallic pieces on the other hand both completes and complements its look.

It also features a 95cm sliding shoulder chain with leather pad so you can wear it either as a shoulder or cross-body bag. Looking inside, it features a large inside pocket and an inside pocket with removable mirror. And oh, how could we forget to mention the transforming signature LV twist-lock that comes with it?

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