The Dior Oblique Flap Bag is a new bag from the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. However, we’ve talked about the Oblique print in the past before. First of all, the Oblique print has also been embellished on the Wallet On Chain Bag and the Diorama Bag. The importance of this print to Dior is like to the Monogram Canvas to Louis Vuitton or the Vintage Check to Burberry.

The Design

The Dior Oblique print is inspired by the Oblique Bracelet. On the Oblique print, you will see the DIOR logo elegantly crafted all over the bag. There are also multicolor versions of this print, but the calm blue shade adds a touch of vintage to the overall look.

The Oblique Flap Bag features a jewel-like sliding chain. This chain can be detached and is crafted in aged gold hardware (it was just until recently that Dior started producing bags with aged gold hardware). This hardware is an enhancement to the vintage appeal of this design.

The body is made with signature canvas with blue smooth calfskin detailing. The front is refined with the new CD logo and simple lock.

The Interior

Canvas is soft and easy material, but it needs a bit of maintenance and carefulness. If you open the bag, you will one the main compartment to store your daily essentials. There is also a zip pocket inside.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 28.5 x 17 x 7 cm,and the cheapest price comes from bestabag.com

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Finally we get to know this bag’s name. We have first-published about the DiorAvenue Bag a few weeks ago. The responses from our community were mixed, but it’s a studded bucket bag with an urban-like look. Now whether this bag will survive the season or not, we will have to see. Because we have seen a lot of Dior bags come and go in the past. So what do you think? Will it survive?

The Design

The DiorAvenue Bag is a new item from the Cruise 2018 Collection. The look of this bag is inspired by vintage France clothing. The blue color and the buttons resemble to the vintage military uniform in the old days. However, it also reminds us of the Gabrielle Bag.

The studs are crafted in the center, but also on the bottom. The top features two thick handles for tote-carry but you can also use the wide leather strap for shoulder carry. The shoulder strap can be removed anytime you want.

There are different styles you can choose. For example if you choose the solid blue color, then you get the bag in smooth calfskin. However, the DiorAvenue Bag also comes in Oblique Print, which is made in Canvas.

The Interior

Because this is a bucket bag, the interior can hold quite a lot of essentials (even if it’s a small bag). The inside features a main compartment but also a leather-patch pocket with DIOR’ signature on it.

The Sizes And Prices

The small size is measured 22 x 22.5 x 9.5 cm,and the cheapest price comes from bestabag.com

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As camera bags become more popular in the fashion world, Prada decided to craft their own version. Now Prada usually do not engage in many quilting handbags because their specialty is designing tote bags in saffiano leathers. So this latest Prada Diagramma Camera Bag comes quite as a surprise. But anyways, this bag is introduced for the Cruise 2018 Collection.

The Design

The Diagramme Bag is a gorgeous camera bag in rectangle shape. It’s a refreshing handbag with a new Prada logo. As a reminder, this logo was first-seen on the Monochrome Tote Bag. It’s an updated version of the signature triangle Prada logo. To be honest, I like this one much more.

This bag is refined with a sophisticated quilting. It’s horizontal, vertical and even curved quilted from the front and backside. It comes with a chain strap supported with a leather patch for shoulder and cross body carry.

What’s more? The bag is made from calfskin leather and we think it’s purposely chosen to make it feel luxurious but at the same time also soft and flexible. The sophisticated quilting will make this bag notable wherever you travel.

The Interior

The bag opens with a zip and inside you can find two pockets with card slots and the main compartment to store all your daily essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 6 x 11.5 x 18 (D x H x W) cm,you  can find the price from bestabag.com

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