Burberry Rainbow Vintage Check Large Shopper Bag 2018


Wanna get on a time machine and get some fashion pieces in the 80’s or 90’s to wear today? We all know about Burberry’s modernized version of their check print. But the classics, the ones with the original check print, those are quite rare. Now here is a chance to grab a new one. Meet the Burberry Rainbow Vintage Check Large Shopper Bag.

These archival check patterns are actually from the 1960’s and plus the rainbow which look more fashionable. And because they’re classics, it means they will never go out of style.

The materials and craftsmanship are used and designed based on the old ways. These checked bags are made from blend fabric coated with high gloss finishing. For the tote bag, it comes with leather handles; they’re long enough to carry on the shoulder.

Diversify your wardrobe with vintage-pieces is a healthy thing. Sometimes it’s good to hold a bag from the past, which can also attract a lot of eyes as well.

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