Celine Large Cabas Phantom In Calfskin With Wool Belt 2018

As the obsession for bigger bags in the fashion world continues, Celine decided to tap into our obsession and give us what we need. The Big Bag wasn’t BIG enough, so it’s time to make something even BIGGER.

Its line is clean and neat, and the Cabas series embodies the essence of Celine’s minimalist style. Concise and pure but full of fun, no excess decoration design away from vulgar, refused to show off, but still has a strong personality and strong practicability, large capacity was as light as a feather, can place files on the job, can do during the weekend shopping bag, also can be folded during the trip.

Well, now let’s take a closer look.

Shoulder carry
Leather handles with 8 in (21 cm) drop
Inner zipped pocket and double flat pocket
12 x 15 x 9 in (30 x 37 x 23 cm)
Gold metal hardware
95% Calfskin, 5% Cotton
100% calfskin lining

More colors

Forget about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, this bag is the true I-can-never-be-full.

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Celine “Plastic Bag” Has Become The Latest It Bag, Why The Luxury Brands Have Been Obsessed With PVC Recently?

The latest Paris fashion week has a very popular bag, says it’s a bag, but it feels more like a “plastic bag”.

There is a maximum photographed bag of these “plastic bags”, and many fashionistas are very fond of it.

There’s nothing particularly fancy about this bag, and it succeed in its funky, and it can be put outside another different bag.

You can put different types of bags in it, either Hermes or Chanel, which can change the freshness of the bag that you are tired of everyday.

Of course, you can also use it directly as a bag, and it seems pretty cool to plug some of the odd things into it.

The logo of the bag is obvious, it is a bag from Celine 2018 spring and summer.

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Celine- New Colors In Spring : Clasp Series Bags

The 2018 spring series, clasp bags have more choices in size, leather and color.

Medium Clasp Bag In Box Calfskin With Patina   $498

Let’s take a look at the details.

Hand carry
Metallic Clasp closure system
Two inner compartments
Inner central zipped pocket
32 x 22 x 8 cm
Gold metal hardware
100% Calfskin
100% lambskin lining

Mini Clasp Bag In Smooth Calfskin   $306

More details:

Cross-body and shoulder carry
Leather strap with 22 in (55 cm) drop
Metallic Clasp closure system
Three inner credit card slots
23 x 20 x 3 cm
Gold metal hardware
100% Calfskin
100% lambskin lining

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CELINE BIG BAG-One of the Most Popular Bags

I have introduced Celine’s Big Bag in previous article , but as for its hot sale ,i have to say a little more about this bag with you guys again .

As living and working in busy metropolis, large capacity bag is the most indispensable  product in wardrobe . Maybe it is available for everyone to own one ,but which both practical ,lightweight,convenient and never outdate in design is none but CELINE’s Big Bag !

Big bag appeared in the 2017 winter fashion show in Paris ,and it has two  sizes :large and medium which can be on the shoulder or portable, making your daily wear more fashionable and convenient. Big Bag is full of practicality from inside to outside and after broadened it has more free space to use . Because of its soft and lightweight leather , it can be carried flexibly and easy to be stored .It is convenient to find pieces benifit from the inside zipped pocket of Big Bag . The leather belt  hang over the bag can be closed or hang down freely which create an inadvertent style of leisure .

The design feature of Big Bag following the well known Luggage series structures ,reproducing the classic features of Celine after a fine scale transformation. It’s crafted from soft calfskin, and the leather surface is bare which in order to show the advanced transparent leather and original,exquisite and natural sense of beauty ,meanwhile feel like silk soft and smooth .With the use of a large piece of  flawless leather sewing, matching triangular pleats on both sides and characteristic design of leather belt which represents Celine’s simple nature all the time .

Guys who need a large capacity bag ,never miss this slouchy , flexible,durable and lightweight Celine Big Bag .

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Celine-Well interpretation of fashion details

Cline always has a unique style , the new Christmas Capsule series including seven leather products. This time it adds some nifty elements , with  black and gold color plus irregular letters ,  which looks simple and funny . It’s easy to get one and as a pretty gift it is also the most practical product that everyday you will use it . What’s more, that’s  one of interpretations of fashion details .

In 2017 Fall Winter , CELINE published  Alphabet letter pendants which can match freely. For example , you can string them on a metal chain or a leather rope ,each way is OK and will look different and stylish . Now ,with the same concept, printing golden letters on the black little leather products which represent sense of irregular .No matter long wallets, coin purses are all interesting . If you take it out of your bag , it will get a lot of attention .

It’s another way to use colors- black against gold, including card holders , cardcases ,coin purses and key cases .It is an existing personality for Cline in terms of sharp lines and outlines . Moreover, with the addition of metal ,Cline becomes more fashionable and fancinating .

The key ring is stringed with four mini pouches , and put the colors red,rude together with black and gold, which looks outstanding and harmonious . It is a good idea whatever to string keys or buckle bags .

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The hot humid days are slowly making their way into the calendar but the question is, are you summer-ready? If you’ve got your bikinis, tank tops, and flip flops ready, what about your summer bag? Worry not for Celine is here to grant your summertime wishes with its Cabas Phantom Bag in Canvas.

The Celine Cabas Phantom Bag is one of the classic that makes any girl melt, the latest version is perfect for the hot seasons. Crafted from linen canvas and calfskin with linen canvas lining, this material is ideal to pair with summer-inspired wardrobe because the material is known for its its durability and toughness, it is made up of reliable plain-woven fabric. Canvas is also very light-weighed and can help your resist heat to protect your essentials in the inside. It’s also tougher to help your carry beach-related accessories.

The handles and the strip on the sides are made from calfskin, it’s exactly same design as the original version of the Cabas Phantom Bag. The leather gives you a sense of luxury, but it’s also for comfort purpose. And unlike the leather editions, this new canvas is printed with the Celine logo beautifully on the front. It’s refined with blue stripes to give it a stronger appeal.

The interior is large and roomy, it will hold more than your basic essentials, especially with those big and expandable phantom side wings.

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Let’s highlight the most unique and beautiful handbag in the Celine Fall 2017 Collection further. We need to chat about the Soft Cube Bag, a never-seen-before design but already becoming rapidly popular. We love everything about it – from the name to the shape and look. And we think it’s a great handbag to carry everyday especially because we know Celine never disappoints when it comes to leather quality.

The name is cube and you already guessed it, the shape is squared just like a cube. Thanks to the smooth calfskin, the leather impeccable and durable. It can hold a few accidental abuse and scratches. But what’s more important is that the leather soft, which also makes the edges curvy and slouchy, but the bag holds its shape.

Celine is famous of minimalistic design and we can see that on the Soft Cube Bag as well. The bag comes in bi-color because the leather strap is made in different shade. The handles are wrapped around the knots. And you can carry it cross body, on your shoulder or just toting with the handles.

The generous interior can hold a lot of essentials, despite that this bag is small. The top is made with a zipper closure and inside you will find one large compartment and two inner flat pockets.

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First the medium-sized bags were popular, then the small bags and since 2009 we are seeing a trend that big bags have become the new thing in fashion.

So what did Celine do? They created a XL-sized tote bag; it’s big enough to fill all your needs and obsession. This bag is called the Celine Big Bag and it’s introduced for the Winter 2017 Collection.

The Design

The name says it all; it’s a Big Bag. But besides the size, let’s take a closer look at the shape and design of this bag. The shape reminds us of the famous Phantom Bag or the Luggage Phantom Bag. No, it’s even better because the side wings is bigger and more slouchy and flexible. You have to love that!

The Big Bag is made in solid color and as minimal as possible. It’s crafted from soft bare calfskin, which is very smooth but durable too. The top comes with a small flap and it’s supported with a functional leather belt. You have to use the leather belt to close the bag.

Tote this extra large companion in a big city or use it as a weekend bag. It can be carried as a workbag too if you’ve too much to carry. For the woman with a busy lifestyle, this bag is like a dream come true. Or if you have a baby or kids and need to carry for more than one person, then this is also a great useful handbag.

The size of this bag is not only for storing your stuff, but it’s an automatic-flaunting-system as well. Imagine carrying such a big bag in town, you will get instant-noticed.

The Interior

The inside of the Big Bag comes with one large compartment to store everything you need. But you can also find a zipped pocket. The interior lining is suede calfskin.

More Colors And Styles

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