Chloe F/ W 2018 Collection Preview

If there were a designer brand that could create an iconic bag without the hype and the buzz, then that would be Chloe. We have seen how the Drew Bag and Faye Bag grew from the runway to an iconic handbag. So don’t take Chloe too lightly, they too create trends instead of following trends. Introducing the bags at Chloe Fall Winter 2018 Runway. Let’s highlight the biggest news.

The Chloe Hoop Quilted Drew Bag

A few days ago, we were surprised to see the Chloe Quilted Drew Bag. But today we are even more surprised to see an even chic’er version. Yes it looks like the Drew Bag, but it has been modified. So what do we see? The body is quilted with vivid stitches, gorgeous! The flap is crafted in smooth leather, fabulous! And the front is embellished with the new Hoop Lock. It comes with a handle strap as well as a long leather strap for shoulder carry. It’s an excellent handbag for daily use!

Chloe Patent Shoulder Bag

Wait there is more! How about this practical and minimalistic shoulder bag? Well, minimalistic? It’s quite complex actually. The bag is made in solid color, but the body is crafted in patent. More importantly, the sides are embellished with two oversized golden loops, can you see that? And it’s certainly a unique piece and the interior? How about very spacious?

Chloe Quilted Bucket Bag

About time! Now there is a Chloe version of the quilted bag and it’s… super cute! It’s a heart-stealer! It’s a small bucket bag built from the latest diamond quilting with sharp stitches. The sides are embellished with two big hoops to attract eyes. The top is made from smooth leather. And it comes with a long but thick leather strap! I like this bag, don’t you?

More Lovely Bags

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The Wallets Which Can Make You More Delicate And Fashionable (TWO)

Well ,let’s continue!


The new wallet I’ve been fascinated with recently is very much fit for my desire to be cute and easy to tidy.


The design of this wallet is very simple. It changes the wrinkle design of MIUMIU used in the past, the design of  clean and neat leather with logo printing is not eye-catching, but enough classic.


What makes me more interested is that it is really thin, with little pockets and a lot of card slots, and there is no pressure to put it into your little bag.


Dior Dioraddict

Dior’s quilting is a very recognizable design,  the wallet of this series, with metal lock element, which maks the whole feeling the whole feeling is both soft and cool.


This pink wallet is perfect for spring and summer. It’s really beautiful. Also very delicate and small, the thickness is completely unexpected thin, easy to put in the small bag, very convenient.



 Saint Laurent Wattle

The color of this red wallet is very positive and I was amazed at the first sight!Feel it.


Internally, the inner layer is both practical and full of design, I like the pointy envelope shape closure.


Each color of this wallet is really beautiful, red sexy, black classic, and this light pink, full senses of young.


All right, after seeing so many brands, I believe there must be something you like. The small stuff of wallet, although not always present in front of people, but I think the small items in the bag can highlight your attitude towards life.

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The Wallets Which Can Make You More Delicate And Fashionable (ONE)

It is probably because the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the chances of carrying little wallet is also becoming more and more. Delicate girls are thinking about buying a new short wallet, besides light and easy to tidy up, it’s quite appropriate to put in a small bag to take out or directly in the pocket.


Today, I would like to recommend some nice and practical short ones. These short wallets may not be able to support a lot of money, but they must be a highlight of your bags.



I like this wallet that the color is blue and white gradually, which is small and low-key but also cool and high sense. The one who likes the double C logo of Chanel and classic quilting can never miss it, all these classic elements are available on the bag.


And on the chain fastener of zipper, it also has water droplet decoration, the white double C logo is gleaming, which is so so unique and exquisite.



I have to say, I really like this lemon green wallet,  fresh color with vintage closure design,  I want to have it at a glance.


This color looks very lively, like the sprout just out of the bud i spring, which can make people feel better. The internal structure is also very comfortable, with layers and  8 card slots, definitely practical.



The design of Fendi wallet has always been playful, such as the design of small monsters and building blocks, which is so cute that people wonder if they can handle it!However, there are also elegant and concise design of the wallet, that is the F IS FENDI series.


The front of the bag is the latest F logo design, looks much younger than the traditional double F logo.


Designers don’t have to do anything else, and it’s nice to put the logo on your wallet! With this little detail, looking superior than the pure color, I really want it!

The same style also has relaxed light blue and gray green, the colors with sense of spring and high class, also quite delightful to the eye. Girls who like simple styles can consider this wallet.


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Vintage Trendency Is Still Going On

The weather has been very good lately , as if the spring has arrived suddenly. It’ s time to put away winter boots and replace them with light thin shoes.

But it is boring to always wear a pair of pure white sneakers. Review the luxury brands T stage shows of this year, fashion sneakers are the tendency. Let’s see what are they.

Vintage is the most fashionable. The first one is Balenciaga Triple S Trainers. Since last year, it has been extremely popular. And about the show of this year, Balenciaga contunes to along  classic lines.

The second is LV Archlight sneakers. This futuristic sneaker balances a springy wave-shaped outsole and an oversized tongue with a low cut around the ankle for a delicate, feminine touch.

Many stars have been put on outside the show. Fashion Blogger Lisa Hahnbueck and film star Hailey Baldwin.

Gucci also launched vintage sneakers this year. It looks a little dirty, that’s what makes it special.

Wow, let’s  take a look at Gucci another tyle. I don’t know how to describe it at first sight, a little weird? May be we can say  it’s  super cool .

Well ,the last is Loewe. What’s wrong with the top of the shoe? Gosh, I really don’t understand fashion.

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All the WOC Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask

WOC: three of my favorite letters. If you haven’t heard of WOCs before, let’s refresh. The WOC is the Wallet on Chain, aka one of the most beloved styles here in the handbag universe. Whether we call them bags or accessories, WOCs are undeniably elegant, versatile, and perfectly representative of mini mania. In fact, there’s a special craze just for WOCs themselves.

But just because they’re ever-so-popular, does that mean they’re perfect for you? Is it the right time to add a WOC (or another WOC) to your collection? Would a WOC satisfy your handbag desires?

“Is the WOC actually the perfect starter bag?”

First, if owning a bag from one of the most exclusive brands, like Chanel, is important to you, a WOC may be the way to go. WOCs are solid entry-level bags to such brands.

However, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the WOC. While WOCs may be elegant and timeless, they are in fact quite small. Do you want to tote around your starter bag for everyday errands, carry it to work or take it on a night on the town? What time of day is it most important for you to have a luxury bag?

“Are WOCs practical?”

Yes. But as true mini bags, WOCs are, well, mini. If you often don’t take much with you, you’re good to go. Some lipstick, keys, phone, cash? Perfect. Additionally, as you might expect from a wallet, the interior compartments of WOCs generally have credit card slots and change compartments. So if organization is your thing, you’re in luck, and you can forget about the makeup bag and additional wallet.

That said, we can’t overemphasize the size issue. It really depends on how minimalist you are. If having more possessions with you on a regular basis is important to you, a WOC may not be as practical as a larger crossbody. On the other hand, a WOC could inspire you to pare down.

“Are WOCs useful for travel?”

A phone, cards and some cash are really all we need when setting out to explore a foreign city for the day. A WOC couldn’t be more perfect: it’s slim instead of bulky, light and adds a touch of fashionista glamor to an easy travel outfit.

Are you feeling the WOC fever? Or do you find WOCs too small for you liking? Are there any questions we missed? Welcome to leave comments to me!Thanks for reading!

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Bombshell-Chanel Price Increase 2018

Chanel bag prices continue to rise.  The Gabrielle and Coco Handle just got more expensive, and the Boy is expected to follow.  You will shell out between $300 to $500 more for each Gabrielle. If that’s not bad enough, brace yourself because the Coco handle just went up $700.

Back in November 2017,  prices on all CC and 2.55 iconic flap bags rose between 6.5 and 10 percent.  That was the first hike in three years.  Beginning in December 2017 and continuing this month, prices on WOCs sneaked up a whopping 20 percent.

Now, it’s Gabrielle’s turn: the prices of all sizes and styles soared between 10 and 20 percent.

Chanel’s pricing strategy is curious on several levels.

First, and most obvious, Chanel is becoming really expensive for non-exotic, non-exceptional pieces. If you consider the CC and 2.55 flaps, Boys and now Gabrielle mainstay Chanel bag lines, buying into the Chanel bag mode requires at least $3500. The Coco Handle, thought to be a less expensive version of a classic, is well over $4000.

Expensive is often a euphemism for exclusive.  After all, how many can really afford it.  Could this be a move away from accessibility?

Second, piecemeal increases – one model at a time – could drive demand for that short period before the increase.  We suppose there could be excess inventory to unload before the new season.  Or a need to cash-out.

Third, We assume Chanel is linking pricing to demand and popularity.

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Top Backpacks to Carry You Into 2018

Dear friends, If you’re seeking something extra special—and unique—to carry you into the new year, look no further than these backpacks that we have curated for you. Backpacks, as I’m sure you’ve seen on IG and celebrities, are having a major moment. They’re convenient, comfortable, stylish and reminiscent of our school days. And who doesn’t love a little in-vogue nostalgia?

Gucci-Animal Studs Leather Backpack

Chanel-Canvas, Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal Charcoal Backpack

Louis Vuitton-Lockme Mini Backpack

Louis Vuitton-Palm Springs Backpack PM

Chanel-Iridescent Calfskin & Silver-Tone Metal Pink Backpack

Now that you’ve seen all, what are your thoughts? Is there one, or two, you’d like to carry around more than the rest? Or are you still nay on fashionista backpacks? Leave comments to me! Thanks for reading !

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The Pros & Cons Of Bags

It’s no secret that fanny packs are having a major moment. And luxury backpacks have been a hit for quite some time now. But that doesn’t mean this niche within the bag world is beloved by all fashionistas.

Aside from whether we find them visually appealing, there are a number of other factors to keep in mind when we judge backpacks and fanny packs. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the divisive bags!

Pro: They’re Hands-Free

When it comes to hands-free convenience, fanny packs and backpacks stand out. This is probably the best feature of bags that cling to you—you get to carry a bag without the hassle of, well, literally carrying a bag. And unlike a crossbody, these bags don’t swing around, since they’re so closely strapped to your body, and their weight is evenly distributed.

Con: Size Restriction

What goes hand-in-hand with convenience is the fact that these bags are quite small. While backpacks are certainly bigger than fanny packs, the vast majority of luxury backpacks bear little resemblance to your jumbo L.L. Bean backpack from school. Sometimes, these backpacks are even the size of an average crossbody . While there are many benefits to small bags, and it all boils down to personal preference, there simply aren’t many options—your fanny pack will always be pretty tiny.

Pro: Security

With these bags so closely tied to your body, it’s hard not to feel secure. A lot of people sing the praises of fanny packs for crowded public transport or events such as large concerts. Aside from being hassle free, they help you feel secure throughout the experience, since your belongings are attached to you and therefore are much more difficult to steal.

Pro: They’re Statement-Making

If you want to make a big fashion statement, look no further. Especially with how popular these bags—especially fanny packs—are among celebs and IG stars right now, wearing them alerts others of your bold, trendy fashionista status. These bags are undeniably chic, but they’re also edgy, saying something different about your style than, say, a Chanel Classic Flap or Lady Dior.

Con: They’re Statement-Making

These bags take us back in time to school and to the 80s, and maybe that’s just not your vibe. If you’re into retro-glam, perfect. But if not, they may ultimately be a step back for you, your aesthetic and your fashion journey. The divisiveness over these bags ultimately lies in their statement-making essence.

Now that we’ve been through the pros and cons of luxury bags , what do you think? Do you have any pros/cons to add from personal experience? And are you swayed one way or the other?  Tell us below! Thanks for reading!

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Luxury, Do You Really Understand? ( Part Two )

Luxury represents personality and personal image

Each of the different designers, according to the different ideas and inspiration to design a unique luxury, of course, also have their own “character”.

For a luxury user, it represents an individual’s identity to a group.


Luxury respect tradition

Tradition is the legacy of a thousand years, and the luxury is unremitting pursuit of fashion, while also paying attention to the respect and reservation of traditional culture. In the future, the more luxury, the more respect the tradition.

Through new technologies, new materials and techniques to restore cultural treasures, art and rare technologies in the historical tradition, it is a luxury development path in line with the needs of the human mind in the future.

Luxury is a unique, tailored experience

No matter what era, people prefer to make their own customized and unique luxury .Everyone is not only in pursuit of excellence, but also unique.

Because everyone is unique.

So, no matter in any time, the order is never out of date.

Luxury represents people’s concern for high quality  life

The luxury itself, in different times, represents the highest standard of life-style, the highest standard and the highest quality in a single space and time.

Since the word luxury was born, it has represented a high quality of living.  Only those with a higher standard of living can have time, spare capacity on luxury consumption. Similarly, only those with higher living standards can get in touch with and understand what luxury is, and indulge in it.

Luxury cannot be measured in fixed rules

Luxury can never be measured by the same set of rules .Limiting his rankings, institutions and standards will be broken and reshaped over and over again.

The standards of the past will lose the standard scale with the progress of science and technology.
In a more and more personalized age, good stuff is itself a standard.

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Luxury, Do You Really Understand? ( Part One )

Luxury is the crystallization of spirit and wisdom.

From the birth of fashion, luxury and fashion are like a pair of twins and are known together. As time goes on, it is not difficult to find that the luxury industry is progressed along with the change of the times. Designs used to be considered very fashionable in the past are now an eyesore. Therefore, luxury does not stack up with a pile of expensive materials. Every work is the designer’s spirit, taste and wisdom. And the craftsmen’spainstaking effort and perseverance are combined with the works of art. If children are the crystallization of their parents’ love, then every successful luxury that goes into public view is the crystallization of the spirit of designers and craftsmen.

This is the luxury, the spiritual crystallization that will grow with  the age and human beings.


Luxury is not the “youth” that will grow old with time

If the ever-evolving luxury is the way to decode the demands of the times, then the perpetual vigor and youth is the luxury mentality. Luxury, regardless of age, no matter which age stage you are at, there is the right to enjoy the spiritual pleasure of luxury, as long as there is a pursuit of individuality, pursuit of the times, appreciation of art and the heart of loving beautiful things.


Luxury has high standards of demand

Luxury is harsh, and there is no tolerance in its works of art.No matter what kind of defect, will make this work hard to get the attention of the world. It will soon be forgotten by fashion and luxury industry, leaving only once. It is said that the high standards of luxury cover five dimensions:

Meaning: the object of the design, the goal that you want to achieve, the meaning that you want to express.

Technology: the use of which technologies, lost or the unique ‘right time’ collide with ‘right people ‘.

Craftsmanship: ingenious creation,deep concentration, each craftsman’s special control over time, temperature, as well as their unspeakable heart.

Material: the exclusive standard of material selection, the substitutability of materials, the selection of thousands of products.

Guardian: make sure that every luxury can perfectly display the originality of design, and it is also a rule.

Luxury represents value and principle

Luxury is itself a symbol, a label, and an embodiment of identity.

Luxury brand values is very important, it can become a hint in people’s mind, at important occasions improving the owner’s confidence, it can also become people’s motivation, encourage people to pursue a better life, become a more tasteful, meaning person.

For the owner of luxury goods, he needs the quality, bachelor, insight and character of the standard of luxury goods.

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