I’m The Girl on The Bus Carrying A LV Bag

Two days ago a friend asked me: I am a fresh graduate to work, want to buy a luxury bag for myself, is this too much? I wondered why it would be too much to buy a bag for myself. Isn’t that normal? We just need to love ourselves.

When I just graduated, I was so jealous that someone could carry a LV bag. Then my wish came true, and finally I had my LV bag.

However, the realization of each wish is always accompanied by those who don’t understand why I like to buy luxury goods instead of buying something that they think can promote happiness.


When you can afford it

I do not know if you have heard this sentence, this may be incomprehensible, or may be a discrimination. What does “when you can afford it”? Take me for example.

Although the salary is not high, but living in this city can also feed myself . It doesn’t cost much at ordinary things. Besides the rent and living, i can save thousands of dollars. Occasionally, i will buy a luxury i like to reward myself.

But there are always so many people saying: your salary is not match your bag, and buy it when you can afford it!

I also understand what they mean by their ability to afford. They think that those who carry luxuries must be driving a luxury car, and often enter various luxury locations. The barbecue shop, and snack bars should not go .

I like that. What can you do? This is my attitude towards life!

Dior Medium Lady Dior Bag in Damier Calfskin 2018    $368

Why don’t you buy a car?

You pay tens of thousands of dollars for a luxury bag, and a pair of shoes charge at least 3-4 thousand, you can buy a car if you save it!

I don’t buy a car because it doesn’t bring me a sense of happiness, although i can drive everywhere,  it’s not the life I want.

Men love cars, women love luxury and this is the unchanging truth. How many women have you seen love cars?

Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Top Handle Bag 498100   $318

Why not buy expensive skin care products?

I have often heard this question recently. Why don’t you buy some good skin care products? You see how old you are, and you have wrinkles on your skin.
I’m only more than 20 years old! Who told you I was old? Wrinkles? WTF?And again, how do you know I didn’t buy it?Do I still have to show up before you in my bag every day?

There is nothing wrong with being kind to yourself. I have my own way of treating myself well.

Prada Cahier Leather Shoulder Bag BD095 2018  $438

You don’t know about luxuries!

There is an unobvious line between luxury goods and daily necessities, which makes it impossible to tell whether it is a luxury or a necessity.

Many people think of luxuries from a practical point of view. They don’t think it’s right. What is a luxury? Luxury goods are items that are used to represent social status without specific use value. For example, Two thousand dollars Coach is a necessity, and two hundred thousand dollars Birkin is a luxury.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Patent Calf Leather Bag M54705   $326

Others often say, is this your way of life?

Yes, that’s my way of life!

Ladies, what kind of bag are you carrying?

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Life Needs A Sense of Ritual – To Yourself in 2018

Life needs a sense of ritual, like an ordinary day needs a beam of light.

The sense of ritual is a kind of interest, a kind of poetry, and a kind of ability to talk about life.The ritual you are willing to maintain is the inner desire to express the love of life.

Life needs some sense of ritual, it’s not about hypocritical, but about your love of life, your sensitivity to happiness, and sometimes it’s an end and a beginning.

I am a person who needs a sense of ritual to life. Even be single i will luxuriate in enjoying a cup of tea . I won’t forget to give myself a gift when it comes to a festival. It can be a backpack, a little bit of friendship into the bag, carry around, see it.

It can also be a wallet, hoping that the money will roll in and satisfy all of my wishes.

It can also be a belt, hold you for a lifetime.

It could be a watch, with a wonderful love.

It can also be a scarf, send out warmth, the harvest is love.

It could be a ring, you belong to me forever. It could be a necklace, I want you by my side.

Or it can be just a pair of ordinary shoes and go up bravely.

Even it can be just a sentence, which represents a summary of the past and he expectation of the future. I think that our dedication and love for life deserves our solemn treatment of ourselves. Even the usual little things, with a sense of ritual, can fight against negative factors in life. The sense of ritual is very good, it will feel that the results are recognized, and sorrow will be immediately digested.

Everyone’s life will be noisy, messy, disorder and even sink. At this time, please slow down and add a sense of ritual to it. It’s like adding sugar to the coffee, which is endless, wonderful.

Slow down, take a break, take a little effort to increase a little sense of  ritual in life, a dinner for two people will become romantic because of  a napkin and ordinary party will  become swaying because of perfect attending!

Come on, brush up your life, and wipe away all your trifles, and the sense of  ritual will make your life more lively.

Life needs some sense of ritual, not about hypocritical.

The man who pays attention to the sense of ritual, of course will be a bit more sexy.

The woman who pays attention to the sense of ritual , certainly will be more enchanting!

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Why Do Women Keep Buying Bags? Here’s The Truth! (Part Two)

Yesterday i mentioned some reasons on why women keep buying bags, now let’s go on!

Reason 4:

There are various kinds of materials.


Soft leather, but easy to leave scratches, needs to be taken care of.

Chanel Rosewood Lambskin Medium Flap Bag A57028 2018 $326


The leather is harder than sheepskin, it’s elastic and smooth.

Celine Medium Classic Bag In Calfskin LIÉGÉ  $338

Caviar skin:

The concave and convex grain on the surface of the calfskin is like roe, so it is also called caviar skin.

Chanel Caviar Quilting Leather 25.5CM Flap Bag A1112   $249

Crocodile skin:

Crocodile leather is the platinum in leather, known for its luxury and rarity. Crocodile skin beauty is in its natural gradient of the grid line, although inelastic, but the texture is very strong.

Python skin:

Python has an excellent visual sense effect, not only has a very high color, but also feels hard and soft, the leather has a certain waterproof function.

Chanel Small Trendy CC Flap Bag With Top Handle In Python Leather 92236 2018    $588

Ostrich skin:

Ostrich skin also belongs to the rare leather, with a thick, soft skin and good air permeability. The skin has a convex point, which is more varied and interesting than the other leather.

You see, I haven’t got this rare leather bag.

Reason 5:

Nano, mini, small, medium, large, One for different sizes!

For example: Hermes Kelly

A bag has six sizes!

The bag is too heavy to be a burden, and the bag is too small to fit anything into a decoration. However, in the women’s values, the bag is far more beautiful than the practicality. Even though some sizes are not the most appropriate, the word “good-looking” can outweigh all the disadvantages.

So why do women keep buying handbags? Because of “Bag can cures all disease” ! Different styles of clothes with different bags, different colors of clothes with different bags, different occasions with different bags. In short, buying a bag is never an end.

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Why Do Women Keep Buying Bags? Here’s The Truth! (Part One)

Why do girls keep buying bags?

Reason 1:

There are also a variety of niche brands, well-known unknown brands.
One for each brand!


You see, I didn’t buy many bags, did I?

Reason 2:

It’s not only the eye shadow that has the square, round,  heart shape, the bag also has !

Each day to carry a different.

You see, I don’t have enough bags.

Reason 3:

Different occasions, different clothes, you need to match different bags.

Yes, I have to carry some formal commuter bags at work,  participate in evening party, it’s better to carry an exquisite evening bag to match a gift, want to feture students’ temperament, the school bag is more suitable, but how i forget the travel bag when gog out for travelling? Each bag has its own mission. You see, it’s all for the best.

Tomorrow let’s continue!



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Man’s Taste is Here !

Men have three treasures: leather shoes, belts and watches, which make up the three pieces of taste. Besides, there is one thing that cannot be ignored. It is the wallet. Like women, men can easily lose their resistance when they meet a well-designed, exquisite materials and mature workmanship wallet. As the popular saying in China “A fashion bag can cures any kind of disease for a woman”.

Then, what are the good brands of men’s wallets?

1.Louis Vuitton. It was created in 1854 in Paris, France.

2.Gucci.  It is the top ten wallet brand and was founded in Italy in 1923.

3.Lee. It was founded in 1889 in the United States and has a history of 100 years

4.Levi’s. The brand was founded in 1853 in the United States and is the originator of jeans.

5.Anna Sui.  It is the top ten wallet brand and from America.

6.Boss. It was founded by Hugo Boss in Germany in 1923.

7.Lacoste. It is the top ten wallet brand and was founded in France in 1933.

8.Polo. Founded in 1910 in California, USA, the world famous brand.

9.Goldlion. China famous trademark, jinlilai group co. LTD.

10.Mickey. The brand originated from the Mickey Mouse image created by Disney in 1928.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Savane Canvas Animal Print Wallet     $98/$108/$178

Balenciage Calfskin Pouch Clutch Bag     $66

Balenciage Bazar Pouch Small Clutch With Zip Fastening  $135

Prada Saffiano Leather Cosmetic Pouch 2NE009    $260

Prada Saffiano Leather Document Holder 2NG05M    $260

Prada Saffiano Leather Document Holder2NG001     $260/$268

Prada Leather Bag 2VF001 /2VF017    $348/$368

Prada Saffiano Leather Pouch 2NG003     $184

Well, men have such a lot of options! Choose what you like fully.

Thanks for reading!

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Yesterday i  shared a part of several ways with you guys in how to choose a suitable bag for yourself ,today i will recommend the left .Are you ready ?Now let’s continue !

4. Life . There is a question we should  never neglect-practicability when decide to buy a bag . At the beginning of  being a mommy , if you put nappy together with feeding bottle into a vintage, noble, elegant bag , which might scare strangers .

5. Personality . It’s better to choose a bag made from nylon , plastics or canvas for girls who following casual and sports style . Lovely ,elegant girls are likely to wear graceful and lightweight clothes ,therefore, the quality of the bag should be based on cotton, flax or lace.

6.Leather . The common natural leather will have fine texture under the press of the thumb , the better the grade of leather is the better elasticity and quality of leather will be. The patterns  of common goat leather are formed in wave ,thick but fine and smooth ,and of cow leather are formed in punctiform irregularly . Pigskin is coarser,and the  patterns are usually distributed in three pores ,which can be hard or soft .

7. Handcraft . No matter how long it will take to choose a bag , the only purpose for us is to buy a elaborate one . As you select the style ,the next is to check carefully whether the surface of the bag and the interlayer is stitched and the strap is strong or not . If there are metal accessories, it is necessary to know whether the material is easy to fade and the function of the zipper and button is perfect. All these steps i recommend should not be neglected .

Now ,I think you guys  must know how to choose a suitable bag for yourself and  i hope this article will help you .

Thanks for reading !

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There are several doubts that has been plaguing people all the time . Such as ‘Which brand bag is the most fashionable ? ‘ ‘What kind of bags is suitable for me?’ And ‘what color should i choose?  ‘

Today i am going to share several ways in how to choose right bags for yourself  with you guys. Now let’s start !

1.Face Shape . Girl who has a European face shape is  better to choose  a bright and specific style one with neutral metal .And if you with small and cute organs  also has a round face ,it’s wise for you to choose a sweet lovely one with more bling-bling decorations .

2.Height . Nowadays big bags are becoming more and more popular ,but how to choose a suitable one that doesn’t look cumbersome  depends on your height . If your height is above 165cm , try to choose one  about 60cm  more or less in length and can put a magazine in upright . If your height is below 158cm, try to choose one about 50cm in length and can put a magazine in sidelong to elongate your figure ratio .

3.Color .  Color  plays a important role in matching among bag , accessory and clothing . A match that the whole is in same color system but in different levels can creates a simple and elegant shape. Bags and clothing colors are in sharp contrast ,for example , it’s a bring stylish match in wearing black dress with brilliant red bag and shoes . Morever , bag can be selected any color from floral skirt or patterns of floral printed blouse ,which revealing  lively but elegant style in whole .

That’s all for today , and tomorrow i will share more . If you have different opinions welcome to leave comments for me . Thanks for reading !

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Today I’m going to recommend several men’s fashion bags,especially mature and stylish men,this article maybe will help you to make a better choice.
Hermes is an international enterprise which is  loyal to the traditional arts and crafts, constantly pursuing of innovation  .Nowadays, many of the stars are its loyal fans. This Birkin bag as shown above. Do not think that only women will carry Birkin bags , Hermes also has a male version of Birkin Bag. This model is carrying the Birkin bag that is full of leather, and black plus size appearance is very eye-catching.

This bag also has canvas plus leather version. This version is mainly canvas, leather only echoed in some parts of canvas, which constituting a whole.
GUCCI canvas bag is also very famous. Canvas is printed with GUCCI landmark logo, matched with two-color strap, distinct personality, as shown above. This bag is durable,  more portable, suitable for men’s business trip. In addtion , the price is reasonable. Man who  wants to buy a business package can consider it, and if you feel it’s not formal enough, you can change to buy the same style of leather version.

Yves Saint Laurent, the name sounds a sense of charm. SLY’s products are featuring decadent punk style, relatively young fashion, by young people’s favorite. Their products often have a very distinctive personality, so every bag is worth having. Even orthodox business packages, YSL have to add their own elements, playing a sense of fashion.

Burberry is featuring English aristocracy, gentleman, orthodox. Men like the British style never miss the Burberry men’s bag. Like the picture above shows Burberry ‘s products are always keep gentle, reserve and everything is  just right . Although it represents low-key ,the material is superb . In the terms of design , it has to add  classic lattice elements to creat a sense of fashion but by using concise design to make it balanced.Wanna be a man not only in fashion but also in gentle ? Never miss Burberry’s men bag .

Do you like these bags ? Let me know if you like any of the products i mentioned in my post.

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