7 Reasons We Love the Gucci Marmont (Part Two)

3. Loved By Our Favorite Celebrities

Taking its name from the famous west coast celebrity hangout The Chateau Marmont, it’s no surprise that some of the biggest stars in Hollywood choose the Marmont to carry lipstick, wallet and audition notes.

4. Size Options

With three different size options to choose from, the Marmont offers itself to your every need: a mini for nights on the town, a shoulder bag for important lunch meetings and a tote for daily activities.

5. A Special Detail on the Back

And the Gucci Marmont leather tote has a sweet little surprise for its owner:  an embroidered heart on the back. Though it doesn’t face outward and therefore isn’t visible to the outside world, this small detail adds a sense of uniqueness, whimsy and artisanship to the bag.

6. Unique Variations

The different appliqués and unique versions of the Marmont line are endless and range from delicate flowers to intimidating insects. For those of us with more quirky tastes, these different options are a dream come true!

7. The Infinite Instagram Eye Candy

What are your reasons for loving the Gucci Marmont? Welcome to leave comments to me! Thanks for reading!

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7 Reasons We Love the Gucci Marmont (Part One)

Today’s topic involves something that’s been on our minds a lot – Gucci. It’s no secret that we at PurseBop are fascinated by the direction that creative director Alessandro Michele has taken the brandIn addition, we recently took a closer look at some of Gucci’s handbags to examine what makes them so appealing. Today, we will delve even further by looking at one handbag – the retro and lush Gucci Marmont – and the attributes that most attract us—its devoted admirers.

1. 70s Glamour

Particularly in its rich velvet option, the Gucci Marmont oozes 70s glamour: think bell bottoms, giant platform boots, gold hoops and big sunglasses. Even the GG buckle harkens back to the birth of the fashion house’s logo in the 70s. This look is in and there’s no better bag to bring some grooviness to your outfit.

2. Masculin Féminin

The Marmont is a perfect balance of feminine and masculine with it’s slightly slouched silhouette and hard metallics,. Whether paired with an elegant dress and heels or boyfriend jeans and a blazer, the Marmont works.

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The Key To Entering The GUCCI World (Part Two)

4. Spirit of Literature And Art

Looking at the classic and best-selling bags today, the Dionysus bag occupies an important place.

Since 2015 it was published, which has entrenched fashion circles up to now, he ancient Greek myth of Dionysus were already known to every family. Alessandro Michele, the creative director changed the tiger that always protected the Dionysus in the fairy tale into a hasp, which brought blessing of guardian and love for each bag owner, and opened a new page of GUCCI, hinting that the era of Dionysus bag is coming.

↑ ( bestabag.com)

Gucci Dionysus Velvet Super Mini Bag 476432     $165

↑  (bestabag.com)

The injection of embroidery elements such as flowers, plants or insects, and so on, makes the classic elements also full of literary and artistic style. A flowery Dionysus bag  is more intoxicating than wine.

Gucci GG Supreme Dionysus Medium GG Bucket Bag 499622 2018 $268

5. Double femininity

Accept the two element trait of a woman who is soft and resolute, and complete a journey of inner growth. The contemporary feminine spirit transforms endless possibilities between the past and the future.

Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Flower Leather Top Handle Mini Bag 470270      $338
Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Flower Leather Shoulder Bag 421882  $358

Since the publish of Sylvie bag in 2016, it has brought the new interpretation of classic ribbon elements. Coexistence of bowknot ribbon and high cold chain, with many kinds of back-packing methods that can be packed, lifted and carried, giving the diversified appearance of features, becoming the favorite of fashion bloggers.

Gucci Leather Sylvie Shouder Bag 421882     $418

A soft and beautiful Sylvie handbag, awaken your ancient and elegant femininity.

6. Belt Bag

In the 1990s, belt bag enjoyed popularity for a time, once again returned to the fashion stage to become a almighty fashion pose.

Gucci Leather Coco Capitan Vintage Logo Belt Bag      $220

GUCCI belt bags set off an alternative style,  from wearing on the waist to  the additional use of backing on the shoulder, which creat a super aura . Would you like to hang one or  a number of belt bags? It is not only a good use of brain cells, but also a creative unbrainy item.

Gucci GG Mrmont Matelasse Leather Belt Bag 476434    $165

A fashionable and avant-garde personality bag, let a person be willing to pay out of pocket.

Gucci 476434 Marmont Matelassé Velvet Belt Bag      $170

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The Key To Entering The GUCCI World (Part One)

↑                                                            ↑                                                                     ↑

(Gucci GG Marmont Medium Shoulder Bag 443497      $248
Gucci GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag 447632     $228 )

2018 is arrived, making the fashion statement more distinctive. Each season GUCCI is constantly giving surprise and new ideas, which extensively occupy the must-wish lists in fashion . We call it essential because of it’s quite hot, classic, all-match and never  outdated.

1. Double G characterization

The double G logo with deep historical significance and symbol is the unique identity code of GUCCI, which has witnessed the classic unbeaten definition of the changes of the times.

 Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Top Handle Bag 498100    $318

It is not only used in GG Marmont bags and belts, but also appears in glasses, jewelry and other accessories, and the double G pattern has become a fashionable contemporary statement, transforming into a personalized label.

With the double G verification, the greeting is very cordial, and the quick identification of the GUCCI party password is this!

2. Fashion Shoes

With leisure style loafer, quickly hot in the fashion circle, no matter men and women are in love with this casual and convenient wearing shoes.

Gucci Leather Loafer With Fur    $148

3. Ace Sneaker

When it comes to sneakers, how can you say you’re stylish without a pair of white shoes? Any clothing and white shoes can be matched, become fashionable and best-selling product by the crowd.

Wearing the hot ace sneaker, even casual match is full of sense of fashion.

Gucci Ace Sneaker with Crystals 505995     $158

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Gucci-2018 My Own Femininity (Part Two)

Gucci Sylvie Leather Small Top Handle Bag 460381      $258

The conduct of Sylvie Vartan and the women’s movement at that time represented the transition between private field’s apathy and public concern. This is a historic symbol of femininity, along with the change of social status, took a big step of aesthetics.

The core of the transformation between the past and the future is the clear sense of electric shock, which is the power to define myself, my language, body, desire, compulsion and values. There are almost infinite possibilities.

Sylvie series handbags, has a tradition that with the fashion style to challenge and beat the conventions, its practical size and symmetrical shape, hard lines and bow tie on the shoulder strap are all salute to multiple symbol femininity.

No matter maturity or innocence, reason or sensibility, women or girls ,please be honestly  embrace your femininity.  In the new year, make the beauty of conflict between Sylvie’s morbidezza and firmness will always cheer for braving in expressing themselves and full of personal femininity.

Ladies, have you found the right bag to represent your own femininity?

Welcome to leave comments to me! And if you love them, don’t hesitate to contact with me! Thanks for reading!

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Gucci-2018 My Own Femininity (Part One)

Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Flower Leather Shoulder Bag 421882    $358
Gucci Sylvie Embroidered Flower Leather Top Handle Mini Bag 470270    $338

Let’s walk out of the past 2017, and with the spirit of Sylvie to meet the unknown challenges of 2018, to show ourselves and embrace a diverse world.

             SY Series     A Handbag To Show Yourself

Gucci Sylvie Leather Mini Bag 470270    $285

French singer and actor Sylvie Vartan,who was born in 1944, became a contemporary culture and fashion influence woman in 60s. Besides the European movies and music albums, her fashion attitude also affected the young women at that time.

In the western world after the Second World War, women’s autonomy rose rapidly, and they abandoned conservatism and closure of the past. On clothes, women began to wear miniskirts and bikini, which was a great aesthetic challenge at the time. And Ye-Ye faction music also overturned the music culture at that time. In 1968, Sylvie Vartan recorded the song “Jolie Poupee”, in lyrics, because growing up,, the girl deserted the doll that she had once had, honestly expressed her inner desire, and accepted her inherent femininity, which was not influenced by social culture.

Gucci Sylvie Metal Animal Studs Leather Top Handle Mini Bag 470270      $385

She declared in fashion and music, and even continued to influence the prosperous Disco in 70s. The fashion book [Le Sylvie Vartan] she had launched, is a record of his daily fashion attitude.

Gucci Sylvie Metal Animal Studs Leather Top Handle Medium Bag 431665      $465

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Gucci Belt Can Be So Chic !

For girls ,when you think the belts has derailed from the fashion, there is a brand counterattack successfully, the belts have been used not just for use , nor the private thing for rich men.

Yes, it’s Gucci. It’s not enough to counterattack itself, but all kinds of items.


Never feel corny with a belt  has exaggerated big Logo on it hanging on the waist. Actually, with a belt and enhance the overall image has been repeatedly mentioned, designers with a belt to match as an ornament in al kinds of shows, but has been less such a chic belt!

In additoin, there was a wave of bloggers, who hidden their faces but didn’t forget to show off their belts!


Do you like belts? let’s make the chic belts add fashion elements to our wonderful life!

Thanks for reading !

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Why Do Many Successful People Like Gucci?

Some things can be better to show their temperament and identity after they are used. Which is what many successful people need very much, and also need such labels.  Many successful people will choose GUCCI, this is not a very casual situation. If we know more about these aspects, we may be able to get better results in the future, which are very important for the whole thing. Now let’s pay further attention. Why do many successful people like this kind of flickering?  Maybe when you see the truth, you will also give some help to your decisions.

There will always be a certain traits of successful people, and their biggest characteristic is the pursuit of taste, maybe when you are not successful always think that the relationship between brand and quality is not inevitable, but when you really have an opportunity to contact more, and know more, you must be will know the relationship between brand and quality is very close, and cannot be separated most often. The more successful people are, the higher their pursuit of quality is. In the process, we can really make good choices to bring us more opportunities, so we should have a clear consideration for them.

Each brand has inner essence, also has its internal culture, many people will choose Gucci men’s clothing, it is precisely because of these inherent specific things, especially these can convey to us, after truly to recognize some specific circumstances,  any brand within the culture, all of this help us to make the best choice, which  has significance for people. It would be wise for us to focus on more information and make decisions based on the choices we make. In the process of doing that , many people might just forget it,  so you don’t know why the brands are welcomed.

Everyone has a label, and successful people will be labeled with success. At this time, we should realize our social positions and pay attention to our external and actions in this process. Gucci men clothing really brings us a lot more, also let many people feel more quality,  this is the main reason for people to choose, after you can understand  these specific things correctly, so will be good for the rest of the many things. Therefore, in the process of doing so, people must think carefully, so that they can get better results and be better for the whole thing in the future.

Gucci men’s clothing really bring us is quality, brand for the pursuit of quality and they can really lead the fashion, which have a lot of reasons, we want to be what kind of person, then give yourself what kind of external, in that way will have more opportunities in the future. Don’t forget your position in the process, or you won’t be able to really make a better decision. It’s more clear to really think about it so that you can have good results. In the process of doing things, if you want to have a better choice,  it’s better to know these things, which will be better for the future.

All above are just my opinions, if you have differert views ,welcome to leave comments to me! Thanks for reading!

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Girls Who Carrying This Gucci bag Look Righteous!

First of all, before we start, let’s talk about why we should  have a luxury. It’s a long story, several days ago i had a chat with my girlfriend, she said: Luxury is just for vanity!You can show off to others and feel superior. In a certain situation, it is necessary to have luxuries. As Chinese old saying,”There is no free lunch!”For example, giving somebody gifts who is helpful to you, visiting relatives and so on which is inevitable to rely on these luxuries to seem to be prestigiously and honorably. I don’t fully agree with her. Luxury symbolizes status, reputation and taste. Everyone’s values are different, so the perspective on luxury is different.As long as you are a person who is in the pursuit of taste in life, then you must have a luxury. The bags of the Spring-Summer 2018 Gucci Show are the favorites of luxury goods.

Gucci Ophidia Crocodile Pattern Calfskin Small Shoulder Bag 499621 2018    $288


If you ask a girl what is the first luxury in her life? The answer is probably- a bag! Women love handbags, that’s what the world knows. I’m sure there are no fewer than 10 luxuries in each girl’s wardrobe.Certainly,  women are known for keeping up with the joneses. If you want to have a unique sense of superiority in your circle, I think it is necessary to own a luxury bag that  exclusive to yourself . I like Gucci very much, which definitely gives you a unique sense of superiority and self-confidence.

Gucci Unskilled Worker GG Marmont Matelassé Small Camera Shoulder Bag 447632 2018    $288

The birth story of Gucci bag has been widely known for each household. Founded in Florence, Italy in 1921, it is famous for high-grade, luxurious, sex, of “the identity and fortune indicative” brand image makes rich brownstone consumption favotite, has always been favored by the business community, fashionable and elegant.  From then on, the wave of fashion has been set off. The founding story of Gucci is also stem from travel,  a legend of the poor boy’s success. For one hundred years, Gucci has developed from a workshop style high leather shop in Florence, Italy, to a super brand leading the world’s fashion.

Gucci Leather Sylvie Shouder Bag 421882     $418

During the hard years of the fascist dictatorship, the Gucci founder established an excellent image of the company through his extraordinary creativity. In the face of material shortage, he skillfully used all kinds of linen and special bamboo festival instead. “Bamboo Bag”was introduced in the late 1940s.

Gucci 409487 Small /Medium Padlock Red Blooms Shoulder Bag    $240/$260

The classic “Bamboo Bag”, another theme of the 1970 “Bamboo Bag”, was created in 1966 by Gucci’s painter and consultant Vittorio Accornero, which was based on flowers and insects. The brand was inspired by the actresses, the princesses and celebrities.For women who are keen on luxuries, it is necessary to invest in one or two beautiful , classic Gucci bag  for their own beauty, which will definitely help you to change your temperament.

Guci Ophidia Dragon Embroidered Small Shoulder Bag 499621 2018     $238

Guys, do you like Gucci? Thanks for reading! Welcome to leave your comments .


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Gucci-Let’s Take a Journey Through Speace Time !

Travel , representing life experience, taste and memory,has always been one source of inspirations of design for creative director-Alessandro Michele of Gucci. He, who loves and is good at playing with the classic Gucci elements, once again reinterprets the concept of travel with contemporary vision and aesthetics.

Gucci Courrier series with the retro brown leather or as the envelope of blue red and white margin,with red, green, green ribbon straps and bronze gold flying saucer pattern zipper pendant, the whole rich lively vision will lead you to a wonderful journey of fashion!

All kinds of exquisite embroidered applique, such as the badge or sticker on trunk, hand-stitched symbolic  double G LOGO canvas and so on, each embroidery applique has a different meaning. Like the retro LOGO brand patterns,old photos that the first opened leather shop in FLORENCE, worldwide important flagship store addresses, obsessed with love slogans, to futuristic UFO, real and sureal, which like a journey through space-time, playing the symbolic elements perfectly.

Thanks for reading !

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