Chanel Boy North South Bag

It’s finally here – the Chanel Cruise 2019 Collection featuring the bag that we’ve been waiting for. It’s newest Boy and it’s called the Chanel Boy North South Bag.

But there is more. We love the latest Trendy CC Bag, we love the new shades of the New Mini, Square Mini Bag and we love the Multicolor Tweed Classic Flap Bag.

To make it easier, we’ve put the handbags below. Check them out:

 Chanel Boy North South Bag


Chanel Boy North South Bag

Chanel Boy North South Bag

                                     Chanel Casual Trip Camera Case Bag

Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Chanel Small Classic Boy Bag

    Chanel Small Embroidered Quilted Classic Boy Bag

  Chanel Medium Classic Tweed Boy Bag (Old Medium)

Chanel Small Embroidered Calfskin Chevron Boy Bag

Chanel Small Boy Embroidered Lurex Chevron Bag

Chanel’s Small Tweed Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Chanel’s Small Sequins Gabrielle Hobo Bag

Chanel Medium Boy Chevron Bag (Old Medium)

Chanel Small Boy Chevron Bag

Chanel Small Boy Printed Bag

Chanel Small Boy Braided Bag

Chanel New Mini Tweed Classic Bag

Chanel M/L Tweed Classic Bag

Chanel New Mini Chevron Bag

Chanel New Mini Tweed Bag

Chanel’s Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag

Chanel Classic Tweed Flap Bag

Chanel Small Boy Sharkskin Bag

Chanel Chevron Classic Flap Bag

Chanel Maxi North South Bag

Chanel Small Classic Bag

Chanel M/L Classic Bag

Chanel Square Mini Chevron Bag

Chanel Small Trendy CC Jersey Bowling Bag

Chanel Boy Embroidered Waist Bag

Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag in Smooth Leather

Chanel Small Jersey Trendy CC Chevron Bag

Chanel Chevron Trendy CC Bag

Chanel Small Chevron Bag

Chanel M/L Chevron Bag

Chanel’s Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag

Chanel Large Classic Boy Bag

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Creativity doesn’t need to be a new idea; it can be an old concept but then altered to create new perspective. For example; the Louis Vuitton Crown Frame Bag from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection. This bag is inspired by the Maroquin City Bag from the 1930’s. This vintage Maroquin City Bag is displayed in the Museum of Asnières

Not long ago we talked about the Trompe-L’Oeil, which has been implemented in the iconic bags of Louis Vuitton. In short, the Trompe-L’Oeil is a form of art that changes realistic designs into 3D illusion. In one of the Crown Frame Bag styles, there is a version that’s designed with this beautiful art.

There are multiple styles of the Crown Frame Bag. The Trompe-L’Oeil is my favorite one so far, however there is also a version that’s crafted with a motherboard style (you know, the motherboard of an computer).

We also expect more different exterior designs in the future and we also hope Louis Vuitton will create an iconic style like the Monogram or the Damier Canvas for the Crown Frame Bag. But anyways, while the exterior can be changed, the interior and the critical parts will remain the same. For example, the bag is built with a metallic frame closure, reminiscent of the Speedy Doctor Bag.


The bag is made with trapezoid shape as it comes with a top handle for hand carry and a long mortise leather strap for shoulder carry. It’s a beautiful city bag, just like the Maroquin City Bag. And what’s more, the unique front leather loop on the front can be used to attach small accessories like a charm or an extra mini bag. Or it can be used to hold gloves or scarves.

The inside is made with a double flat pocket at the back and one large main compartment. It’s a useful city bag with sufficient spaces for all your daily essentials.

More Images



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What’s the biggest story of the Fall Winter 2018 Collection Act 2? It’s the Boy with Chain and Sequins. This combination is fresh and never-seen-before. It’s the first time that Chanel used Chains with Sequins to create the Chevron Pattern. And thus we call this handbag – the Chanel Boy Chevron Chain Sequins Bag.

Do you prefer sophisticated or simple classic? If complex style is what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to fall in love with this latest Boy Bag. There are two reasons why you should be dating this Boy:
1). You want to separate yourself from the crowd: when everyone goes for the Classic Boy Bag, you want to be flaunting the Chain Sequins Boy Bag.
2). You love handbags that are uniquely built: to design a bag like this takes a lot of energy.


This Boy Bag is made from Metallic Crumpled Calfskin for the interesting texture and shimmering effect. The center is built with the Chevron Pattern that’s made up with chains and little sequins. If you look closer, the chains are actually woven chain leather straps.

And it’s more than that. The woven chain strap design has also been embellished around the flap, which makes it even more intriguing. The center is built with the iconic Boy Clasp and it comes with those large boy chains for shoulder carry.

Needless to say, the interior looks exactly like the Classic Styles. There is a main compartment inside including a zip pocket.

More colors amd images





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Valentino Rockstud Spike Camera Bag

New! New! New!


Valentino Garavani Rockstud Spike camera bag in soft crackle lambskin leather. Quilted item with micro stud detailing.
– Quilted lambskin leather, rhombus pattern enhanced by tone-on-tone stitching
– Ruthenium-finish studs and hardware
– Two separate compartments with double zipper closure and double zip puller
– Suede lining; interior featuring red flat open pocket
– Dimensions: W18.5 x H12 x D6 cm

It comes in a lot of colors.



Well, here’s the most important attention. These products are available on our website, leave me comments, add my What’s app or email me to get the purchase link and more details.We guarantee that you will receive the same products as the pictures showed on and descriptions.What you see will be what you get.

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This Bag Is Deserve To Be Hot !

Hello, ladies! Today I smell fashion again, found this new season’s hottest IT BAG. Bloggers and trendsetters carreied it to any occation,  did street shots everywhere.


It is GATE bag from Loewe!


Yuan Quan, a Chinese movie star, her shape is always clean and simple. The cool and calm temperament perfectly matches with understated luxury style of Loewe. And a lot of men have bought this bag of big size.

loewe                    IMG_0602


The name is really a bit strange, there is a brass sheath with the same shape as the bullet’s head on the side of bag, which is one  of the inspiration for this bag. It has no zipper, no metal clasp,
because it doesn’t need any hardware accessories to embellish.


The biggest bright spot of GATE Bag is the knot design, the cover is inserted into the knot which is very useful. There is a perfect fashionable proportion of drooping two leather knots, which let the bag seems to be a primitive sense of literary and artistic Retro.


The capacity of GATE BAG can be said to be particularly practical, and even if it is filled with necessities, it also looks small and delicate.


There are two layers, which can be filled with a lot of things. The capacity is very humanized, and the self-weight of the bag is relatively light, undoubtedly, the usage rate is very high.


There is also a layer, which can be used for daily necessities, cards, which is so sweet.


Well , guys ! What do you think of ? Will you decide to buy one for yourself? Thanks for reading! If you are interested, welcome to contact with me !


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How To Dress In Spring? Let’s Look At The INS Fashion Blogger!

More than half of march has passed,

The fashion bloggers on instagram has also shown a lot of  new spring products.

I simply collected and sorted.

Come and see if there’s anything you like.

       1 .Accessory

Cat eye acetate sunglasses with pearls   $55Cat eye acetate sunglasses with pearls
J’Adior “Victorian Mex” Bracelet   $68J'Adior "Victorian Mex" Bracelet
Dior “D Bohémienne” White Crystal Metal Bracelet   $83Dior "D Bohémienne" White Crystal Metal Bracelet

2. Shoes

Gucci Ace Sneaker With Crystals    $158Gucci Ace Sneaker With Crystals
Chanel Sandals Calf Leather     $120Chanel Sandals Calf Leather

3. Clothes

Gucci logo cotton T-shirt   $84Gucci logo cotton T-shirt  
Gucci logo sweatshirt   $150

Gucci logo sweatshirt

 4. Bags

Chloe Drew Bijou Shoulder Bag    $288Chloe Drew Bijou Shoulder Bag
Gucci Padlock studded leather shoulder bag  $255Gucci Padlock studded leather shoulder bag
Saint Laurent Love Box Bag    $325Saint Laurent Love Box Bag  

Do you like them ?Thanks for reading! Welcome to contact with me !


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2018 Fashion Items-The Hotter The Better

When it comes to fashion, as a popular color in 2018, in addition to the previous year’s cold colors,in the new year, brands are pushing red into the mainstream.

Red is not only a symbol of good cheer, it can also improve your overall temperament in the winter.

Today i am going to share with you the items which are all-match and fashionable.

Yes, as a dazzling beauty, the red bag is not only a little item, but also can bring  lively atmosphere to you. Moreover, how to choose an excellent red bag is a science, in addition to beautiful style,but also has practicability, of course, must be all-match.

When it comes to all-match, is not necessarily be a perfect bag, but it must be match your daily wear. How to understand this “daily”? Let’s see together.

GUCCI this velvet red bag is full sense of design, gentle and slightly sexy. If you like makeup and dress with a sense of design, it really fits.

Of course, you can also think about this Chloe bag.

Gold bracelet design is the main style of Chloe in the last two years, and red leather represents perfectly the sense of profundity and depth.

I know that some of you are exquisite beauties, so the Chanel bag comes in handy. Classic design is the significant priciple in buying a bag.

And the friend that likes casual dress, absolutely can’t miss this casual and hot backpack.

The unique drawstring design is simple and clear, no matter how to match is fashionable. Go out, school and company, switch freely.

Well, have seen today’s red department recommendation, are your inside excited again? The red items in our store can be more than that, if you are interested ,welcome to directly log in the website search, or contact me.

Thanks for reading!

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Prada-Spring/Summer 2018 Black Nylon

The cornerstone of Prada has its inheritance meaning and spiritual connotation. Black nylon is a luxury redefinition of industrial fabrics, and is  the inspiration of The Prada2018 spring/summer collection and the latest PRADA365 advertising blockbuster”black nylon” .

Meaningful, practical and highly appreciated, nylon is the avant-garde interpretation of what is contemporary elegance, which has laid the basic concept of Prada. Inspired by military uniform and industrial clothing, this fabric transcends the traditional  boundaries of magnificence, subverting the so-called refined elegance and bringing forward new thinking. For the boutique world, nylon is provocative, modern and full of possibilities.This new classic is also the basis of all Prada.

Prada, the use of nylon is one of the two sides intrinsic paradox, which affects the aesthetic image of Willy Vanderperre, and promotes him to further explore its practicability and spiritual connotation by using the accessories and clothing of this high fabric. The fabric’s elastic advantage is reflected by powerful women -the new and old face makes up such a fearless and unexpected lineup. Shot in Losangeles, wandering freely in the sunset and reinforced concrete forest. Prada, the everlasting design that gives people a different living visage, is quietly telling stories by the changing scenes.

Thanks for reading! Welcome to leave comments to me!

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Why Do Many Successful People Like Gucci?

Some things can be better to show their temperament and identity after they are used. Which is what many successful people need very much, and also need such labels.  Many successful people will choose GUCCI, this is not a very casual situation. If we know more about these aspects, we may be able to get better results in the future, which are very important for the whole thing. Now let’s pay further attention. Why do many successful people like this kind of flickering?  Maybe when you see the truth, you will also give some help to your decisions.

There will always be a certain traits of successful people, and their biggest characteristic is the pursuit of taste, maybe when you are not successful always think that the relationship between brand and quality is not inevitable, but when you really have an opportunity to contact more, and know more, you must be will know the relationship between brand and quality is very close, and cannot be separated most often. The more successful people are, the higher their pursuit of quality is. In the process, we can really make good choices to bring us more opportunities, so we should have a clear consideration for them.

Each brand has inner essence, also has its internal culture, many people will choose Gucci men’s clothing, it is precisely because of these inherent specific things, especially these can convey to us, after truly to recognize some specific circumstances,  any brand within the culture, all of this help us to make the best choice, which  has significance for people. It would be wise for us to focus on more information and make decisions based on the choices we make. In the process of doing that , many people might just forget it,  so you don’t know why the brands are welcomed.

Everyone has a label, and successful people will be labeled with success. At this time, we should realize our social positions and pay attention to our external and actions in this process. Gucci men clothing really brings us a lot more, also let many people feel more quality,  this is the main reason for people to choose, after you can understand  these specific things correctly, so will be good for the rest of the many things. Therefore, in the process of doing so, people must think carefully, so that they can get better results and be better for the whole thing in the future.

Gucci men’s clothing really bring us is quality, brand for the pursuit of quality and they can really lead the fashion, which have a lot of reasons, we want to be what kind of person, then give yourself what kind of external, in that way will have more opportunities in the future. Don’t forget your position in the process, or you won’t be able to really make a better decision. It’s more clear to really think about it so that you can have good results. In the process of doing things, if you want to have a better choice,  it’s better to know these things, which will be better for the future.

All above are just my opinions, if you have differert views ,welcome to leave comments to me! Thanks for reading!

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For me , bag is a commodity that not only belongs to  consumables but also never buy enough . If you want to buy a classic and good quality bag , Gucci will be a better chocie . Gucci comes from Italy where is specialize in leather products and every bag is produced in good quality and each one is a boutique . If you choose the right one which is fit for your style and color , you are able to carry it for a long time. May be the price is a little high , but   really deserve it !

The style of Gucci is featuring luxurious , sexy ,  pretentious and a sense of rock . But even so , Gucci is versatile and classic and makes you outstanding in different occasions .

Which one is the best of Gucci ?

In my opinion ,each one is pretty and the key is not just to see this  bag in good looking but  to see in different occasions carrying suitable bags and how to match this bag. If you match the inappropriate clothes even though this bag is quite pretty , but it wiil  destory  the  sense of whole beauty and coordination .In addition , there is no stardard to judge a bag is pretty or not ,it just vary with each individual , and as you like it everything is ok . But if  possible , i recommend you buy classic and calm colored bags that they will never outdated and on the premise of no damage , they will be uesd in maximum .

Gucci’s brand logo

The design of Gucci’s brand logo is noble and luxurious  like its products . The golden color and design form are represent the temperament of enterprise perfectly .Although such a luxury is a dream for everyone and not everybody  can afford it , a good impression has been made in people’s minds . Gucci’s brand logo is  integral and harmonious and the pattern belowed reflects the  kernel of whole design. A good logo design can push a business to a higher degree and so does Gucci . Gucci  has reached a degree that everyone wants to close to . Thanks to the sense of luxuriant design makes the the brand  logo of Gucci more outstanding among numerous famous luxury brand logo designs and meanwhile, it also adds great momentum to enterprise .

Guys ,what do you think of  Gucci ? Welcome to leave comments for me !

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