Hermes as one of the best and  top-level luxury brands in the world is well known by worldwide people .But unfortunately, except the real and professional fashionistas ,ordinary people don’t have better  chances , willingness or interests to look into the stories behind this brand  . I  think most of them are just know it is a  luxury brand and very famous on earth. Well ,here i am ! Now i will tell you guys the story behind HERMES as much as i know.

OK, let’s get down to business!

Founder : Thierry HERMES

Designers : Jean-Louis Dumas-HERMES , Martin Margiela

Cradle : France

Year Established : 1920s

Product Line : Menswear , Women’s dress , Sunglasses , Perfume , Jewelry ,                             Cosmetics

Brand Story : As a protestant family ,in order to eluded persecution from religion they all moved to Crefeld of Germany . In the year of 27 years old , Therry Hermes went to Paris  to earn a living , and finally he opened his first saddlery shop at the bustling district Madeleine . The Kelly Bag which was named by the famous princess of Monaco ,”sac a Depenches”briefcase, “ChainedAncre”anchor bracelet and Ms riding suit were all excellent masterpieces designed and produced by Hermes . After the  Second World War , Hermes’ brand was famous for the orange box , silk ribbon and carriage sign .

1, Carriage Sign : It was a traditional symbol  of long history and exquisite quality since Hermes began to run saddlery shop .

2,” H” Font : Hermes wasn’t implicit  any more as before compared with current exaggerated brand LOGOs .That’s why we could  always see ‘H’ font on the products in recent twenty years .

3, HERMES Signature : we can see it on leather goods and metal accessories of Hermes , and there is always  a line of letters “PARIS” signed under it .

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The Diorama Bag has created a big ripple in the competitive fashion world so no wonder there are different versions being released each time. Without further ado, here’s the Diorama Studded Baby Pouch in all its glory.

For all bag lovers out there and for the information of all who are considering owning a Dior bag, the Diorama bag was officially launched in mid-March as part of its kick off in the Spring 2015 collection. The Diorama bag features Dior’s signature Cannage pattern and the crest-shaped front closure.

Now that the Diorama fever is still on, the creative team behind Dior came up with an idea to introduce a smaller version of the iconic Diorama bag in the form of the Diorama Studded Baby Pouch. Aesthetic wise, the baby pouch features a Cannage design motif with studs outlining it. It also has aged gold-tone metal hardware to perfectly complement it and a detachable chain in aged gold-tone metal for easy hand, shoulder, or cross-body carrying.

Looking inside it has an interior compartment, 1 card slot, and 1 flat pocket to keep your things organized.

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